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The Game

Start with a home planet that you can never lose. Expand your control outward across an unlimited universe of galaxies. It’s a sandbox in space where you can build Your Empire and influence over other players. Do it anyway you wish: through Diplomatic channels, Intelligence, Military might or Economic power. Thousands and thousands of players at one time on one seamless map.

The game never stops; even when you are offline. There is always a way to rebuild and recover, and there are always potential new allies and foes ready to engage you on a truly galactic scale. The strategic choices you make today will affect your tactical efforts next week, next month, and even next year!

The Universe

Near the end of the Golden age, in a desperate attempt to preserve them, the empires of old bred leaders to lead them into the future. Placed on seeder ships, these leaders would one day awaken to revive the glory of the old empires. Players take control of one of these leaders, in an attempt to expand and build a new empire. Starting with nothing but a single solar system you have taken it upon yourself to lead your people to glory.

The old Empires are no more and there is no one to question your leadership. Reform your military strength and economic power the way you feel fit. Search for remains of your ancestors and research new technologies. The future of your people is entirely in your hands.

But be warned. You are not alone. There will be other empires seeking power. New enemies as well as old are more than willing to stagger your growth. You will have to defend yourself if you wish to expand your influence.

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